A Consultation Group for Psychotherapists

Releasing the Demons of Pandora's Box:

Embodied Expression of Countertransference and Community Development

This group is getting together to do something radical! We are going to express those pesky countertransference feelings and allow them to transform into the gifts they can truly be. We are going to do some embodied work together that will be fun and meaningful, drawing us closer together in clinical community as well as freeing ourselves from the ties that bind our clinical practices. 

It's a little bit consultation, a little bit group therapy, a little bit supervision and a whole lot of fun.


Come loosen up and share the dark and messy side so we can all get back in touch with our vivacious spirits, creativity, intuition and each other. 


*sessions postponed until future notice)

$20 per session or 
$100 for all 6 sessions