"I've never connected with a therapist as much and quickly as I did with Nicole. I've never seen as much growth in myself in such little time as I have with her. She is a very caring, nurturing, sensitive and approachable soul. The techniques are so relaxing and comfortable, yet different (I mean that with high regard) and challenging at the same time. Not once did I ever feel judged or lectured. I felt like I could say anything without having to put my fake mask on and I only had to be myself."






"I started going to Nicole's Vinyasa Flow class when I was still relatively new to yoga.  At the beginning I appreciated how well she explained what I should be feeling in each of the poses and the correct postures.  Once I became more comfortable with what I was doing, I appreciated how well Nicole connected the spiritual benefits of yoga with the physical benefits.  Her classes always leave me feeling physically invigorated and mentally peaceful.  She is an excellent instructor and is one of the main reasons I've become so addicted to Yoga!"



"I have been taking Nicole's yoga class for about 8 months, and absolutely love her teaching style.  She is grounding and focused, but always make sure the class is having fun while learning.  

Nicole is patient and attentive to each person in her class, and makes sure to challenge each person's individual practice.  She gives great physical cues, and consistently brings attention to breath and intention.  

I would highly recommend Nicole's class to anyone looking for a dynamic, enjoyable vinyasa flow experience."



"Nicole has a well paced, thoughtful and balanced teaching style.  Both beginners and more advanced yogis will find her graceful vinyasa practice challenging and fun.  Nicole has a beautiful singing voice that she uses to deepen the meditative aspects of the class."